DIRA own car glass delivery vans


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90,000 shipments per year

If we have become a reference in automotive glass distribution, it is thanks to the breadth and quality of our range but also to our integrated logistics service.

We are able to guarantee punctual and daily deliveries throughout the country, even though we handle a product that is difficult to handle, fragile and bulky.

Our aim is to serve the entire distribution chain in a timely manner, reducing vehicle downtime: that is why we have our own fleet, which serves many regions in the centre-north of Italy at night.


This simulation is intended to give you an overview of the possibilities and operating methods of our logistics. For an in-depth estimate of delivery times please contact the nearest warehouse.

A winning model
for fast and safe delivery

Owned fleet

Our drivers cover 55% of the volumes distributed from our headquarters in Cervere.

This type of delivery enables the repairer to receive the glass directly from DIRA by 8.00 a.m. He can thus already carry out in the morning a job taken over in the late afternoon of the previous day.


External specialised carriers

In strict collaboration with the owned fleet, external specialised carriers, the most competent on the market, operate for DIRA and are able to transport the glass appropriately. They ensure that everything arrive by 6 p.m.


High-quality packaging

The efficiency of our carriers alone is not enough to get perfect products to the workshops on time. It also requires:

- the skill and experience of our specialised warehouse operators, who are able to pack the glass correctly;

- collaboration with suppliers specialising in high-quality packaging;

- DIRA's constant research to develop new packaging techniques, which make preparation for shipment faster and safer.


Reuse and recycling

DIRA uses different types of packaging, depending on the type of shipment to be made. These are mostly wooden crates and cardboard boxes of various sizes.

For glazing, it is also necessary to use fillers, such as polystyrene sheets and cardboard snails. All this material has a great value: producing it involves the use of resources, both in terms of energy and raw materials.

Aware of the value of our packaging, we have structured defined procedures to recycle it: the wooden boxes are given a unique code through which we track the logistical flow until they are returned to our premises. The cardboard boxes are collected at the customer's request; this avoids unnecessary clutter in the workshop and reduces the environmental impact since the intact packaging in good condition returns to the supplier.



Dedicated support

Each DIRA warehouse has a dedicated Customer Care department, which is able to support customers with product availability requests, order management and complaints. You can get in touch with Customer Care by phone or email visiting the contact page.

Supporting all Customer Care are the Logistics, IT and Sales Departments, who work to monitor the sales flow and improve the delivery service, from activation on our management systems to product delivery.

There is also a network of representative agents throughout Italy, who are essential for direct support in the territory. The close synergy between the sales network, central management and the other DIRA branches in the territory allows us to provide a fast and quality service, always.

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