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DIRA guarantees: top-quality automotive glass
and specific tools for your daily work.


185,000 products in stock

When you choose DIRA you are guaranteed to find only the highest quality glass. We source directly from major manufacturers, the same ones who make the original equipment for car manufacturers.

In our warehouses we have all types of car glass: windshields, rear windows, side windows, descending windows, fixed windows, roofs, portholes…

And also a wide range of windows for buses and trucks, buses, motorhomes and classic cars, which you can view in the dedicated catalogue.

This wide availability also allows you to always find the option with the best price-quality ratio. We care so much about the quality of our glass that we protect it right up to delivery, with packaging systems that are always close to perfection. To deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.


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19,500 codes in stock cover the needs of more than 90% of the vehicles in circulation. We can guarantee the continuous updating of the range because we constantly monitor the movement of products.

To do this, we use the Serial Number: a unique code that appears on the label assigned to each glass, together with the Eurocode (with the technical specifications of the product) and the description.

The Serial Number allows you to trace the production batch and related logistical tracking, up to the fulfillment of the order. In this way we can guarantee the traceability of the product, and we put our customer care in a position to provide you with the best assistance regarding your purchases.

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Our glass stock is over 95% OE quality. This means that our spare parts meet all the technical specifications and production standards of the OEM automotive glass.

We provide the IAM with a range that comes from the same industries that supply car manufacturers. Even the smallest percentage of the cheapest glass we deal with maintains a more than satisfactory quality standard.

All our automotive glass are homologated and certified, as per regulation EEC 43-R (on the principles for the approval of safety glass in motor vehicles)

EEC 43-R regulation


Car windows are nowadays to all intents and purposes part of the high-tech equipment of a vehicle. DIRA guarantees you technologically up-to-date products on several fronts:

- SAFETY our glass have all the technical provisions necessary to operate the winshield and rear window heating circuits, rain and anti-fog sensors, ADAS systems, HUD;

- COMFORT in our catalogue you can find acoustic winshields and side windows, which are increasingly common in high-end vehicles. These are coupled windows that limit the noise in the passenger compartment and therefore ensure quieter and more pleasant journeys for passengers;

- CONSUMPTION REDUCTION technological progress in the field of glazing has led to lighter glass. This reduces the weight of the car, which consumes less and becomes more dynamic. In this respect too, our catalogue offers interesting solutions.

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More than 600 first quality articles

Installing is an operation that requires, in addition to your professionalism, materials and tools to match the quality of the glass we supply.

For this reason DIRA provides specific equipment that you can choose from our dedicated catalogue, among over 600 first quality items, always available.

Consulting the catalogue is really easy: you can browse through it, on paper or online. Or you can use our new app for smartphone and tablet. Along with glass and tools, you can also find videos that guide you through the trickiest steps.

In the catalogue you will find
everything you need for…

Glass Repair

When you need to secure your windshield in the DIRA catalogue you will find all the necessary tools, complete repair kits, resins, lamps, computerised repair systems.

We test and check all windshield repair devices to ensure that they are practical and give good results in terms of structural strength; our tools always guarantees safe and high-quality work.

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Adhesives, glues and installation materials

In order to mount our glass correctly, the DIRA catalogue offers professional adhesives and glues, for every type of application and complying with safety standards. Original equipment quality materials supplied by manufacturers with whom DIRA has established partnerships allow us to offer important support services: such as technical training sessions for the safety of bonded glass, which Henkel TEROSON provides at various times throughout the year.

For this, DIRA provides specific equipment for every need, which you can choose from our dedicated catalogue of over 600 first quality items, always available.

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Consumables and PPE

Daily activities, even the most common ones, deserve the right attention. The quality of the service offered and the working environment often depends on their care. To make the work of operators easier, DIRA completes its proposal with a wide range of consumer materials: chemical products, products for cleaning the glass, sanitizing products, primer applicators, lubricants, detergents and more.

For DIRA, safety is one of the most important objectives: that of vehicles as well as that of people working in workshops. In our catalogue you will also find all the personal protective equipment you need to work safely: professional gloves, safety shoes, face protection items, first aid items.

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