Birds eye view of the DIRA central warehouse in Cervere


Passion and quality: 37 years of experience at your service.


Specialists for 37 years: in 1985 in the province of Cuneo we founded DIRA S.p.A. (Distribuzione Italiana Ricambi Auto - Società per Azioni) and chose to operate in the automotive glass sector. Since then we have been improving every day: so today we are the leading distributor in Italy.

More than 185,000 crystals in stock: located in 4 distribution centres. These are the numbers that allow us to get original equipment quality products to every location in Italy, without exception, not even to the islands.

12/24 h: is the time it takes us to deliver what you need, wherever you are in the country. We are confident that we can do this because we have an in-house fleet and collaborate with major national carriers.




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Innovation requires
commitment and expertise


Our commitment from day one has allowed us to grow and expand our scope.

In 2008 we opened the second DIRA warehouse in Turin; then in 2012 the warehouse in Arzano (Naples) and in 2017 the one in San Cesareo (Rome). Having warehouses both in the north and in the centre-south is the right stragegy to be able to best serve each customer, from the spare parts channel to the specialised installer. Thanks to this focus, we have become a national reference point for the distribution of automotive glass.



The ethics that inspire our work at DIRA has always pushed us to find every possible way to reduce the environmental impact. These are some of the solutions implemented:

- installation of an integrated photovoltaic system that helps to power our headquarters.

- we ask our customers to return the packaging because we really recover and recycle all the material, which our operators use to make shipments safer.

Consistency between intentions and actions and respect for the environment are among the principles on which we base our ethics.

Code of Ethics


Ecovadis Gold

For achieving high performance in environmental, social and ethical issues in 2022, DIRA Spa was awarded this prestigious certificate, which guarantees that companies respect the sustainability of their suppliers.

Impresa Champion

The ItalyPost research centre included DIRA Spa in the list of the 1,000 Italian companies with the best growth rates in 2023.

Quality System

Quality certification is proof of a process of continuous updating involving all company processes, at every organisational level, which can have a decisive and positive impact on the effectiveness of our work.

Quality care in products and services
is at the heart of our story. To get an idea: