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Windscreen packaging

Packaging is the emblem of the care that D.I.R.A. has for the product and the customer.
Careful, precise and durable packaging is the extension of the company towards the end user: the packaging means care, quality, reliability. The packaging is a D.I.R.A. guarantee, as it means the transportation of the glass with the utmost care from the warehouses to the car that will receive the installation.

To protect the glass, D.I.R.A. uses wooden boxes interposing insulating spacers of different types between the crystals. The ultimate goal is to ensure the casing from possible impacts and, at the same time, prevent any damage from friction, attrition and compression.

D.I.R.A. continuously invests in research to develop solutions for more reliable packaging and transport, as it recognizes this as its first duty of care towards the customer: the care of the glass for the delivery of a product in perfect condition is at the apex of all its aims, it is an integral part of the service structure and is the cornerstone of the development projects that the company is cultivating for the future.


In witness to the vocation of the group towards environmental sustainability, research on packaging also goes in the direction of a use of recyclable materials and which can ensure a zero environmental impact: D.I.R.A. has based its activities on a conviction founded on efficiency and sustainability, because everything is geared to the long term and a continual striving for the improvement of the individual steps of the corporate mission.

The D.I.R.A. warehouse professionals are experts in the packaging and handling of glass; new employees are work under their close supervision for several months before acquiring the basic requirements that will enable them to be able to prepare and manage shipments.